from design to completion

Space Setters Construction

A New Way..... - but it shouldn’t be.

Space Setters Construction have assembled the top trades in the South Island and will build you a better home for less money than anyone else in Victoria. A bold statement - and we’ll back it up.

It’s easy to repeat clichés about attention to detail, timelines, budget, etc.

It's not easy to assemble a perfect crew.

The most important thing: your Contractor must be intelligent, intuitive, be interested and have competent-tradespeople. We are those people. We didn’t start our company without first assembling the right people for our vision. We didn’t rush and actually rejected possible contracts due to not being able to provide the best of the best. It’s a little known secret in this business: builders will use many trades, some qualified, some not, just to “get the job”. That will NEVER be us. You’ll never see several different trades people completing work other trades have begun.

We believe in continual input from our crews, continual changes, and expect projects to be tweaked many times. We don’t charge for “change orders”-after all, how could you possibly know if you’ll want changes until you see the process unfolding? We are patient listeners, not impatient clock-watchers. We do not project pretensions - we are not part of any “old boys club”.

Building has always followed one path: hire the Architect, possibly a Designer, hire the Contractor. Try a new approach and spend your money where it counts - the home.
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